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Clearlice – The Ultimate All Natural Anti Lice Treatment

Only a parent with a child who is in school can understand the pain of lice infestation. Over 12 million children are infected by these pests every year. There are hundreds of products and services in the market today which promise to make lice go away but many of these are painful, slow and use… Read More »

Hives on Scalp Detailed Remedy

Are you experiencing a hard time as a result of attacks by hives on scalp? Worry no more as here is your help. It is so hard waking up day in day out with a continuous soreness, itching and inflammation of the skin. Embarrassing redness and dark spots is the reason behind gradual drain of… Read More »

Your Ultimate Remedy for Pimples on Head

Like having pimples on the face or any other parts of the skin, having scalp bumps is a very painful experience for anyone. Pimples on head or scalp bumps are less common than other types of acne forming on other parts of the body. Being infected with this skin disease can extremely affect its victims’… Read More »

Why Do I Get Bumps on My Scalp

Scalp bumps is one of the most common health problems that can be suffered by many people these days. There are some possible factors that can cause the development of some bumps on your own scalp. These bumps can be dangerous and bothersome, especially when they are not treated well. When you are suffering from… Read More »

Top 3 Scalp Bump Treatments

There are several conventional as well as natural measures to deal with scalp acne. However, in this article, we have compared the top scalp bump treatments.

Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss: Essential Facts You Need To Know

Saw Palmetto- What Is It? Saw Palmetto is a particular type of dwarf palm plant which is usually found in North America. It grows as a tree or a shrub which is common in warm climates. Scientifically dubbed as Sabal serrulata, it has been dubbed as one of the most commonly used herbal cures for… Read More »

How To Stop A Receding Hairline

A receding hairline, often referred to as a widow’s peak, is a form of baldness that’s as a result of progressive hair loss mainly experienced by men and some women. It is one of the classes of hair loss in men, known as androgenic alopecia or simply male baldness patterns. In women, it known as… Read More »

Scabs On Scalp – A Detailed Guide

What Are Scalp Scabs? There are various skin or scalp problems and one of them is the occurrence of scabs on the scalp. This may look like dandruff, however, it can form thick crusts which can be so embarrassing. When the scalp is regularly scratched or injured, it will eventually try to heal itself. When… Read More »

Monistat For Hair Growth – Important Facts You Should Know

Monistat has become more and more popular among men and women. It is popularly known as an effective hair growth cream. Due to the hair growth benefits it can offer, it has been dubbed as a miracle cream. Of course, there are a lot of people who want to have longer, healthier hair. If you… Read More »

Listerine: Its Beneficial Effects to Control Hair Loss

Who says that Listerine is limited to your oral hygiene? Listerine for hair loss is gaining popularity as an inexpensive way to treat your scalp. You can use the mouthwash to remove residue from hair styling products. Dilute the Listerine about one half cup with the same amount of water and apply it on your… Read More »