Scalp Fungus and Dandruff

By | January 12, 2014

Many people have dandruff without ever realizing the causes. Unfortunately, the causes can often help people to overcome the problem and it is this truth that has drawn many people to a new study by researchers at Procter & Gamble.

In the following article, we will explain how the scalp fungus is actually the cause of dandruff and a number of other ailments. By careful DNA sequencing, the experts at Procter & Gamble have been successful in improving our understanding of this problem.

Dandruff and Dryness

One of the biggest problems that people have is they often equate dryness of their scalp with dandruff. People living in climates that are particularly rough due to the dry air might find it nearly impossible to get rid of the dandruff with a special shampoo all by itself.

Many people try different shampoos that are specifically made in order to get rid of the dandruff. While some of them work, it is possible that the scalp fungus is really the cause. As people find out more and more about dandruff it seems that this is actually the case. For every person who just has a dry scalp in need of some repair, there are plenty suffering from the problem with scalp fungus.

Tests of Scalp Fungus

The scientists working at Procter & Gamble found out that the DNA of the fungus was involved with the problem. The fungus produces enzymes called lipases in order to metabolize the oils on the head, which creates oleic acid and can cause the shedding that is so common of dandruff sufferers.

Of course, there are genetic reasons why this occurs and many people are adamant that this is caused by something other than the fungus. Yet, there is a good percentage of the population who could benefit from getting rid of their scalp fungus and seeing tremendous results with the dandruff as well.

Studies and Shampoos

The only problem with relying on this study completely is the fact that it is created by Procter & Gamble, which is a company that is dedicated to providing anti dandruff products. They have a Head & Shoulders shampoo, which is supposed to be designed particularly for people with dandruff. With this new discovery, it makes it easier for them to produce new things for people suffering with dandruff. While this is a huge benefit it also comes with a few drawbacks as well.

For one thing, it is important to consider that the studies are not necessarily tampered with, but there is a conflict of interest. Therefore, just because the Procter & Gamble scientists say that they have also developed a shampoo or product to address this problem doesn’t mean that it is true. There are plenty of other good products that can help you to overcome scalp fungus.

Scalp Fungus Problems

If you are suffering from a type of fungus on the scalp, it is a good idea to look for the many solutions available to you. Even though dandruff sufferers have a new reason to look for solutions to this problem, everyone should take a closer look at the regimen being used in order to maintain proper hygiene.

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The 2007 study reported in Times Online shows that there are a lot of different factors involved on our human body and understanding these is sometimes a lot more complicated than we would hope. However, in this case it is better that we now know scalp fungus causes dandruff so that it is much easier to treat.

With the proper type of methods, you will be able to easily take control of the fungus on the scalp and start to live a life that is dandruff free. Even if they have not been correlated until now, it makes sense that these scientists would find a correlation.

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