Acne keloidalis Nuchae Remedies

By | August 7, 2013

What is it?

Acne keloidalis Nuchae is actually not a form of acne at all; it is related to folliculitis instead. It is more commonly found to occur in young African American men, but can affect anyone of any gender or race as well. Typically, it develops on the neck or back portion of the scallop, including behind the ears.

What causes it?

The most common way of getting this condition involves short haircuts and shaving that irritates the hair follicle. This is why it is more common in men than women and African American men more than Caucasian men, who tend to leave their hair a bit longer. The combination of a short haircut and tight clothing or collars on shirts rubbing against the skin and hair seems to be what typically causes this reaction.

Acne keloidalis Nuchae Home Remedy

How is it treated?

Acne keloidalis Nuchae can sometimes be treated at home. The best thing to do when Acne keloidalis Nuchae occurs is to treat it promptly. The longer you wait to treat it, the more difficult it becomes to treat and the longer it will take to heal. If you’re attempting to treat it at home, “Get Rid Of Scalp Bumps” is most popular successful treatment. Many acne keloid suffers have seen dramatic improvement after following this detailed remedy. This  remedy also come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Hundreds of clients have found this remedy successful curing their Acne keloidalis Nuchae in just 5 days (see testimonial below)


Another option is seeking an healthcare professional, treatment usually involves topical creams. These are usually forms of steroids. In some cases, injections may be given to help jump start the treatment and reduce the discomfort that can sometimes be associated with the condition. In very extreme cases, the lesions may be punctured and drained, often being cultured as well to make sure there is not a more complicated infection that needs to be dealt with. The need for draining and cultures can usually be avoided if treatment is started as soon as the symptoms appear. The longer the condition is left on its own, the more it will develop and the worse it will become, forming fluid filled pustules that may not heal on their own, or heal extremely slowly if they do heal on their own. If you do have fluid in them, do not be tempted to drain them at home. You will create the perfect breeding ground for an infection and your treatment and healing will become much more complicated than if a healthcare professional would have drained it.

Professionals have the proper equipment and knowledge to take care of the acne condition properly and in a manner that will cause the least amount of discomfort to you.

How can it be prevented?

This condition is most easily prevented by not getting extremely short haircuts and avoiding shaving when possible. If you do get a short hair cut or shave your head, make sure that you wear loose clothing, especially right after. You want to avoid having the area rubbed repeatedly in the same spot. You should also avoid wearing the same style of shirt every day because they will rub the same spot. If you wear a shirt with a collar that rubs your neck one day, try to avoid wearing  a collar for the next couple days, or at least wear one that does not hit at the same spot on your body, but the best option is to avoid them all together.


2 thoughts on “Acne keloidalis Nuchae Remedies

  1. andreB

    I tried betamethasone cream. It lessens the itching, but it comes back as soon as my hair grows. I heard great reviews of the Get Rid Of Scalps Remedy so im giving it a try. well be back with the details

  2. Alfred

    I am trying this! I get bumps in the same spots behind my head…hate it so embarrassing..


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