9 Essential Oils for Hair Growth

By | October 10, 2015

Every strand of hair on your head relies on natural oils to stay clean and healthy. But many people today – especially women who use harsh styling products or high heat on their hair – don’t realize this until hair starts showing signs of split ends, falling out or even breaking off mid-strand. Along with your personal cleaning regimen, it is critical to help your hair replenish those natural oils that are lost through the use of shampoo (a detergent at its essence), styling products, heat, environmental toxins and other causes.In this post, learn 9 essential oils that are ideal to use as hair growth remedies and for overall hair beauty and health.

Oil #1: Carrot essential oil.

Just as carrots are an amazing food to help your body fight cancer, boost immune response and look and feel great, carrot oil is equally amazing for your hair.

Here are the main benefits of using carrot essential oil:

– Keeps your scalp skin healthy and free of flaky dandruff.
– Adds vital antioxidants and beta carotene to your skin and developing hair follicles to fight off toxins and disease (including cancer).
– Nourishes each follicle as new hair grows to keep it strong.

Oil #2: Coconut essential oil.

Coconut oil is being touted all over the world as a miracle-worker for a variety of health issues. So it is no surprise to learn that coconut oil is also a great aid to replenish your hair and help it grow long and strong.

Here are the main benefits of using coconut essential oil:

– Coconut oil is chock full of “laurine,” a protective element that binds protein to hair and aids in growth while reducing a risk of breakage and split ends.
Coconut oil moisturizes hair naturally.
– Coconut oil has its own antibacterial and anti-fungal agents to keep your hair and scalp from bacteria and toxins.
– Coconut oil is also full of vitamins and minerals to replace what is lost through contact with the environment.

Oil #3: Olive essential oil.

Olive oil is already well known for its ability to moisturize, nourish and replenish skin. It can do the same for your hair if you are looking for trusted natural hair growth remedies that work.

Here are the main benefits of using olive essential oil:

– Olive oil is a natural conditioner.
– Olive oil creates a natural barrier against bacteria and fungus.
– Olive oil eases dry skin and scalp conditions.
– Olive oil helps hair grow fast and keeps and breakage from occurring.

Oil #4: Avocado essential oil.

Avocados are not just delicious to eat – they are packed full of nutrients to nourish body and hair as well.

Here are the main benefits of using avocado essential oil:

– Avocado oil naturally adds essential vitamins A, D and E to your hair.
Avocado oil is a natural sunblock and also a protector against styling products and heat.
– Avocado oil fights inflammation and aids in skin and scalp healing.
– Avocado is a natural conditioner and smoother.

Oil #5: Argan essential oil.

Argan oil is a particularly great oil to bring with you on tropical vacations.

Here are the main benefits of using organ essential oil:

– Argan oil is a natural sunblock.
– Argan oil can prevent your hair from falling out and can also nourish against breakage.
– Argan oil moisturizes dry or brittle hair.

Oil #6: Grapeseed essential oil.

If you have problems with dry hair and scalp, you will love grapeseed oil.

Here are the main benefits of using grapeseed essential oil:

– Grapeseed oil is a great substitute for harsh anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners that can be more damaging to hair than they are helpful.
– Grapeseed oil has natural soothing agents to ease itching and irritation that can be caused by dryness or dandruff.

Oil #7: Chamomile essential oil.

No one likes to talk about lice, but if you find that your kids bring these pests home from school, chamomile oil will be just as effective as some of the scary-sounding chemical shampoos available today. Chamomile has many other soothing and nourishing properties as well.

Here are the main benefits of using chamomile essential oil:

– Either Roman or German chamomile oil is good for hair.
– Chamomile oil has soothing properties that are good for both the hair and scalp.
– Chamomile oil sends lice packing!
– Chamomile oil restores moisture to very thin or brittle hair to help it grow.

Oil #8: Rosemary essential oil.

So long as you don’t mind smelling a bit like delicious herbs, rosemary oil is a wonder-worker among hair growth remedies. It is also a natural nourisher that helps not only with growth but also with length.

Here are the main benefits of using rosemary essential oil:

– Rosemary oil stimulates the follicles at their roots, so each new strand of hair grows healthier and stronger.
– Rosemary oil can be applied as a tonic to lengthen hair.
– Rosemary oil is packed full of minerals to heal dry, brittle hair and scalp issues.

Oil #9: Peppermint essential oil.

Finally, peppermint oil is perhaps the number one natural oil among hair growth remedies. This wonderful natural oil smells great and works even better for hair growth, length, health, and nourishment.

Here are the main benefits of using peppermint essential oil:

– Peppermint oil draws blood towards each follicle as the new shaft is growing.
– Peppermint oil nourishes and balances hair as it grows to ensure each shaft has what it needs.
– Peppermint oil cools the scalp to ease irritation.

Rather than trying all of these essential oils at once, you may want to pick the one that seems best for the hair and scalp issues you are currently trying to remedy.

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