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By | December 5, 2015

Only a parent with a child who is in school can understand the pain of . Over 12 million children are infected by these pests every year. There are hundreds of products and services in the market today which promise to make lice go away but many of these are painful, slow and use chemicals that can be harmful to your child’s young body.

is a safer and an all-natural treatment which promises to get rid of your lice infestation in one day. But are these promises really true?

According to some Clearlice reviews this product was an invention of a parent who could not find a solution to his child’s lice problem. He worked along with a friend of his who was a chemist. This parent’s concern and worry probably explains why he looked for and found a pesticide free solution for the problem of lice infestation which is especially suited for young children.

Every parent knows that if a child is infested with lice, it means a long ordeal of repeated shampooing and conditioning. But the most painful part is the pulling of the hair with lice and nit combs. Most over the counter anti-lice products kill the lice but have no impact on the nits as the nits have strong protective shells. Even if one nit is left behind, the infestation is back after 4 -7 days when the nit hatches. But this is no longer necessary with Clearlice. Clearlice promises to get rid of all the lice and the nits in one wash. Also cleaning out the nits is easier with the nit comb which is supplied with the kit because the nit glue has been weakened by the shampoo and the conditioner and so can be removed more easily. This ensures your child does not experience pain due to pulling of his/ her hair.


The company also offers a complete solution to this problem. It has a lice treatment range which includes a shampoo, a leave in conditioner and a stainless steel nit comb for treating the infected person, a laundry enzyme treatment and a home treatment spray for treating beddings, couches, car seats and clothing which can get infested due to transfer of lice from you head. The second part is something most people do not worry about, but lice can survive outside of human body for 48 hours and even after washing and cleaning the hair, these

The kit comes with clear instructions to ensure that you are lice free in one use. The process recommends shampooing the hair and the head thoroughly. Next step is to apply the conditioner on the hair and the scalp. It removes the tangles and soothes the bites and irritated scalp. Use the comb to completely remove all the lice and the nits. Follow this up by washing all the clothes, bed linens, pillows and pillow covers etc. with the laundry enzyme additive. Spray and vacuum what you cannot launder including your car and your child’s car seat. If you follow the process in the instruction kit meticulously with appropriate quantities of the product you will have the result as advertised.

The company also offers a range which includes a shampoo and a leave-in conditioner which helps in repelling the lice. They suggest that you use this if you are faced with an infestation problem in your neighborhood or in your child’s school.

• It is an all-natural product which does not contain any harsh chemicals, poisons or pesticides
• It has a complete range of products for the treatment and prevention of lice including items for disinfection of clothing and furniture.
• It has a light smell of peppermint which your kids will love
• It comes with a 30 day 100% no question asked money back guarantee.
• It is manufactured and tested in US FDA certified unit in the USA.

A closer look at the ingredients reveals that the company’s promise of this being an all-natural product holds true. There are some common ingredients to the treatment and the prevention range and a few that are different in the two ranges. The common Clearlice ingredients are

• Tea Tree Oil:
Tea Tree Oil has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for inflammation and infections. It helps sooth insect bites, irritated skin and even prevents head lice.

• Peppermint Oil:
Peppermint oil is a natural antiseptic so it helps remove dandruff and lice. This also gives the characteristic peppermint smell to the Clearlice products which is loved by children.

The other ingredients vary according to the function they serve:

Treatment Range:
• Enzyme Proteins: These are bio degradable, non-toxic proteins which help to break down the nit glue and destroy the protective shell around the body of the lice and the nits. This helps get rid of even those lice and nit which have become immune to chemical based anti-lice treatments.
• Neem Oil: This potent insect repellent has been used in India from time immemorial for lice treatment. In fact according to Ayurvedic texts this is one of the best natural pest repellants in the world.
• Pala Indigo: Pala Indigo plant or WrightiaTinctoriaif, if you want to refer to its Latin name, is an astringent & anti-inflammatory. It helps control dandruff and also help reduce scalp irritation caused dueto itching and bites.
• Sweet Flag: The extracts from the roots of the Sweet Flagplant akaAcorusCalamus acts as a natural insecticide.
• Coconut oil: Coconut oil is known the world over as an excellent conditioner.

Repellant Range
• Lavender Oil: It is a natural insect repellant and can prevent head lice infestation.
• Rosemary Oil: This aromatic herb has a smell which is hated by lice and hence prevents head lice from entering the hair of the person who has used this conditioner.
• Papaya Extract:this acts as a cleanser and a conditioner. It acts by removing years of chemical build up and restores the natural shine of the hair.
• Pineapple extract: This rehydrates a dry and itchy scalp.
• Cinnamon: Chemical present in cinnamon act as an antifungal and antibacterial agent which protects the scalp.
• Sesame Oil: An Anti-fungal and insecticide which helps prevent head lice infestation.
• Thyme Oil: The Oil derived from an aromatic herb, thyme, this is an antifungal and an insecticide
• Cassia Leaf Oil: Along with antibacterial and antifungal properties, this oil helps strengthen the hair.
• Kiwi Extracts: these help improve the health of your hair due to presence of vitamins C and E

What we like about this product
There is a lot to like about this product which is the reason why over 78% of customers on amazon have rated it as excellent.
Some of the things that we like about this product are:
1. It works even after just one use and many of the customers on amazon and other websites have repeated that this claim to be true in actual usage. In most cases a second usage is not necessary. Of course it is essential that the exact instructions for its usage be followed, after all this is akin to a medical treatment. You do not do what you think is right in a medical situation, the same holds true for this situation. You do find some people complaining that this product does not work as advertised. This happens only when the exact process is not followed.
2. One of the biggest points in favor of this product is that it is an all-natural product with no pesticides. When we are using a product on the delicate skins of children this is something every parent looks for. Some of the chemical based treatments are known to burn and irritate the scalp skin.
3. Another point in its favor is that it is easier to get rid of nits with this product, thanks to the enzyme proteins but more importantly they which have become resistant to chemicals owing to the indiscriminate use of these chemicals for the last decade or so. This means that if you have had no luck using other products, you can still get results using Clearlice.
4. The nit comb given is a high quality stainless steel one unlike the plastic ones given with other products.
5. Also some of the ingredients in the treatment soothe the irritated and inflamed scalp which is a great relief to children.
6. What we also like is the fact is that this is a complete treatment kit which not only treats the child but also has solutions for clothes and furniture to prevent and solve the problems of infestation on these items.
7. The 100% no questions asked money back guarantee proves the confidence the company has in its product.
8. The prevention kit is also a good idea, as it is well known saying that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of medicine.


What we do not like about the product:
1. The instructions included can be a bit confusing especially for a first time user. The instructions included do not differentiate between people with short and long hair or even between average and thick hair. The quantity to be used can differ for different hair and can cause differing results. This may be one of the reasons why there are complaints on the product not working as advertised.
2. If your hair is oily, the leave in conditioner can leave your hair feeling a little sticky. Some users have advised that this be washed off after the nits have been combed out.

Customer Reviews On Amazon

Customers on seem to overwhelmingly like this product, with over 87% of the customers giving it a positive rating. Some of the comments by the customers of include

“Works beautifully when you follow directions exactly! I highly recommend this product!”
“The best hair product on the market for lice, nits, house and car…very safe and effective.”
“Great smell and seemed to work well. Like that it’s a complete system. The comb is amazing! Feels so much better than plastic ones in other kits.”
“This was worth every penny. This worked when nothing else worked. I am so grateful to Clearlice for such a wonderful product”

And Finally

Clearlice is an all-natural, pesticide free anti lice treatment and prevention system that genuinely works. It is also not very expensive as compared to many of the other products out in the market today especially when you consider the fact that you may need to use it only once. It is available in various sizes depending on whether you are ordering for one person and a small house or for a family and a big house. is a complete system which will get rid of the lice from your child’s body and from your clothes, furniture, car and home.

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