The Proccess and Benefits of Mayonnaise Hair Lice Treatment

By | June 24, 2014

Mayonnaise hair lice treatment is the conventional treatment of getting rid of the lice and nits (eggs of head lice). It is a very effective and affordable way to get rid of the head lice. When you are considering this treatment for your child, you need to inform him/her regarding the process.

This treatment is very simple but it can be uncomfortable and irritating. For this treatment you have to lather the hair of your child with a thick and generous amount of mayonnaise but be sure not to leave a dry spot on the head as lice will seek refuge again on their head on uncontaminated portion. Then pile up the hair and warp the entire hair with a shower cap or plastic. Never leave any strand of the hair hanging outside the shower cap or plastic. Then cover the hair tightly with a towel so that the mayonnaise running down from the head will be absorbed by the towel. You need to leave the head wrapped in the towel overnight.

Towel is used as an extra protection for avoiding any mess that may take place due to the mayonnaise leak from the towel or plastic wrapping. Children do not like mayonnaise wrap on their head as they may feel uncomfortable and messy.

Then remove the towel and the plastic warping from the head.

Place their hair over white washcloth and then run the nit comb on the hair of your child. All lice will come off the head when you comb it and you can also use your hands to take of the remaining lice individually. If there are still lice remaining in their head then you can reapply the mayonnaise and keep for another night. After successfully removing the lice from their head you can apply a generous amount of shampoo from their head so that the greasiness of the mayonnaise can be removed.

Benefits of Mayonnaise Hair Lice Treatment


  • effective process in which the hair is covered and it smolders the hair lice.
  •  suffocates these pests and kills them instantly.
  •  Nits and lice will fall from hair strands and on top of the washcloth.
  •  Mayonnaise hair lice treatment is cost effective, simple and affordable for hair treatment.
  •  The ingredients of mayonnaise do not contain any strong chemicals which may irritate the tender skin of the children.
  •  It can rightly be called as a cheap and simple hair treatment that can ward off the hair lice.
  •  Along with controlling hair lice, mayonnaise is also known to provide you with a moisturized and shiny hair.
  •  The oils and fats from the eggs that are present in mayonnaise make it an excellent ingredient for hair treatment along with helping in successful hair lice removal.


There are many potential health risks that are associated with the use of chemical based lice shampoos and because of this majority of parents prefer using home remedies like mayonnaise hair lice treatment that are a safer alternative. It is a very effective treatment that can be used for tackling head lice as these itchy creatures can be very irritating for the children to handle.

With few washes of mayonnaise you will notice that all lice have been cleared off from the head of your child. It is a safer alternative as compared to the harmful insecticides and chemicals that are available in the market. Since it is not a chemical based treatment, you will not have to worry about any adverse effects as your child will get rid of lice easily and quickly.

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