Top 3 Scalp Bump Treatments

By | April 19, 2015

There are several conventional as well as natural measures to deal with scalp acne. However, in this article, we have compared the top scalp bump treatments.

#3. Apple Cider Vinegar-

Before you take any prescription pills to relieve scalp bumps, try apple cider vinegar- a natural and inexpensive remedy to treat those painful bumps. Apple cider vinegar is the vinegar that is made from fermentable apple cider. All of the fruit sugar from the apples is converted in to alcohol by a process known as yeast fermentation. This alcohol is converted in to acetic acid or apple cider vinegar (ACV).


Apple cider vinegar works as astringent, and restores the normal pH level of the scalp, which in turn helps in getting rid of scalp bumps.


Apple cider vinegar offers a natural measure to treat scalp bumps. It is free from any chemicals or additives, so you do not have to worry about side effects.

This simple remedy is cost-effective and easily available in your kitchen.


Apple Cider vinegar may not be effective in treating acne keloidalis nuchae (the worst form of scalp acne).

Overuse of apple cider vinegar may again disturb the pH levels of scalp and cause balding.

#2. Terrasil Skin Repair cream

Terrasil Skin repair ointment offers the conventional mode of treatment for scalp bumps or scalp folliculitis. Made from FDA-approved ingredients, Terrasil provides quick relief and healing.

Action :

Terrasil works by the action of its patented formula- Activated Mineral Technology. The potent blend of Terrasil contains Volcanic Clay (Bentonite), Magnesium Oxide, Silver Oxide and Zinc Oxide- all of which work synergistically to provide instant relief. They work by removing the bacterial infection and treating the damaged skin. It contains moisturizers and oils, which help in healing the damaged skin.


The action of Terrasil is quick and immediate.

It works on all types of scalp acne.


It does not provide long term solution. As long as you are suing Terrasil, you get the results.

#1. Get Rid of Scalp Bumps:

Another effective way of treating scalp bumps is by eradicating them from within. Get Rid of Scalp Bumps is a holistic way of treating the most annoying scalp bumps. The book offers a natural and effective way to treat as well as prevent the occurrence of scalp acne.

Get Rid of Scalp Bumps is created by Dale Haines, a former scalp bumps sufferer. The book comprises of various helpful tips on getting rid of irritating scalp bumps. The author has utilized his experience and knowledge of the subject, his successes and failures in creating an all-natural masterplan for scalp bumps. His seven years of extensive research has uncovered several hidden facts and sure shot remedies on scalp acne.


Get Rid of Scalp Bumps offers simple yet effective measures that not just help in treating these annoying bumps on the scalp, but also preventing them from occuring again. It contains tried-and-tested home remedies that help in maintaining healthy pH levels of scalp, preventing the bacterial infection and treating them in just five days.


– The book offers a sureshot way to treat as well as prevent scalp folliculitis.

It comes in the form of dowloadable, easily readable book at a reasonable pricing.

– It comes with 100 percent money back guarantee.






Although different in action, both apple cider vinegar and Terrasil are effective in treating scalp bumps. But when it comes to getting rid of scalp bumps forever, Get Rid of Scalp Bumps is the best.

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